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To succeed is human

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New perspectives lead to new experiences and provide new solutions. We enhance the proven practices with fresh ideas. Pragmatically, unconventionally and authentically. Our goal is to promote change to move organizations forward and to achieve goals.


Organisational Development | Change Management | Talent Management

External factors bring challenges to many organizations: Implementing new strategies, reacting to changing market conditions, or managing mergers and acquisitions. In each situation it is important for an organization to adapt. This is where the core competencies of Bröker + Partner can create a benefit to your organization.

Organizational Development
Organizations need to continuously adapt to changing market conditions or strategies. The core task of Organizational Development is to consistently verify that the organization supports the company’s strategy and that it creates the maximum value. The goal of organizational development is to enhance the organization’s efficiency and to promote the individual advancement of its members.


Change Management
Change Management is the use of methods and concepts to successfully implement an organization’s business strategy. Its main purpose is to promote the intended changes in a way that is focused, active, effective and strategically clever. In order to do this, every single step is planned and executed with regard to the strategy. A critical element of the process is a management team that swiftly reacts to changing conditions and quickly implements necessary measures.


Talent Management
The social and personal competencies of employees influence every unit of a company – and ultimately determine its success. The company’s processes or realignment of strategies can only be successful if the people involved are willing and able to take the necessary steps to ensure an optimal implementation. A successful Talent Management finds the right people for the right places. It recognizes and develops talent in key positions. Talent Management supports professionals of every level of experience, strategically places them in the organization and increases employee loyalty.


The past 3 years in numbers:

Organizational Development

15 projects in 10 organizations
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Change Management

17 projects in 12 organizations
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Talent Management

200 training days and 110 management audits
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Sales Planning

Holistic Sales Planning
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Leadership + Change

Secret of successful change: Management’s ability to change
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Sales Qualification

Holistic Sales Qualification for Sales Representatives and Managers
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Lighthouse projects from our consulting fields

Change Management for a reorganization | Optimization of a sales organization | Change Empowerment worldwide | Talent Management project

People effect change. Their social and personal competencies influence every unit of a company, and determine its success.

To succeed is human!


Dr. Gordian Philipps

Managing Partner At Bröker + Partner, Gordian Philipps’ area of expertise is the subject of organizational development. He helps our customers succeed through his clear focus and his holistic understanding of systems. His strength is to overcome all difficulties and to bring organizational development processes to a successful conclusion by doing so calmly and confidently. Profile Dr. Gordian Philipps

Ilka Krüger

Managing Partner At Bröker + Partner, Ilka Krüger is especially focused on change management. Our customers appreciate her authentic and natural way of supporting processes by involving the people and giving constructive feedback at any time. Profile Ilka Krüger


Clients who trust us

BASF | BDO | EOS | EulerHermes | EUROGATE | Hartmann | HHLA | Flughafen München | FRAPORT | Jungheinrich | Lufthansa | Sprinkenhof | Telekom Deutschland | VTG | etc.

We offer national and international consultancy in the areas of Organizational Development, Change Management, and Talent Management. We also provide individual career development for commercial and private clients on our platform www.karriereprofi-online.de. Our clients’ needs are always central to our actions. Our consultants are therefore continually guided by the characteristics and wishes of the organizations we consult, taking into account the respective industry or sector. We consider our clients our most important partner in developing and implementing individual strategies tailored to their specific needs. Our long-lasting relationships with our clients are the evidence of our success.



In different projects we work together with other consultancies. These partnerships are based on complementary competencies and the common goal to always offer our clients the best professional solution.

Arkwright Consulting | Pawlik Management Consulting | Opalis Consulting | Cevey Consulting | Consulting Society


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